About Inbound Avenue

At Inbound Avenue we are primarily driven by innovation. Our motivation is consistently fueled by our bold marketing strategies that place our clients ahead of their competition. We maybe offer a lot of the same services as other companies, but we are intrinsically distant from them.


History of Inbound Avenue

The rapid growth of Inbound Avenue saw the number of employees double within a day! We went from one guy in a basement to two guys in a basement. Lots of hard work (mostly keeping the racoons out), and many B2B phone calls later, our bold digital marketing strategies started to get appreciated. Agencies can sell you digital marketing by the pound! We, however, sell your creativity, innovation, and dedication, all embodied in a uniquely crafted inbound marketing strategy for your business (not just for your website).

At one point we were spending so much time learning about our clients’ businesses, that we got multiple offers for office space,
within their offices – that’s dedication!

Our dedication to our clients will make a “samurai’s code of the warrior” seem like a colouring book. We are a very solid bunch of professionals with background in marketing, web development, sales, PR, and one very particular employee who, to this day, claims he was the first person to post a cat video on Youtube. Nevertheless, she is a great copywriter!

Creativity is our most fundamental marketing tool. It is not so much about the services that we are offering, as much as it is the manner in which we deliver those services. Any agency can write content for your websites, and sell you on the notion that content is KING. But, that’s not true. Creatively written and socially engaging content is KING.

At Inbound Avenue we hold the ability to transcend all of those traditional and boring digital marketing services. We create meaningful new ideas that often go beyond the notions of innovations and produce something genuinely unique.

Considering our humble beginnings, there is no project too small or too big for us.
That’s why you should hire us! Oh, and we don’t work from the basement anymore.